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Newbie II

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Oak$... Empty
PostSubject: Oak$...   Oak$... EmptyFri May 20, 2011 7:49 am

Yo...Names Oak$....
I'm 15 and i'm teh skuxxest troll ever Wink
I'm on here 'cos I can Smile Naah Jonathon told me to (He said I could troll Smile ) So i'm here....
I like Trollin', pissin' people off and pretty much everything you hate...I am your worse nightmare...
What I dislike is trollhaters, people that don't understand the art of Trolls....
What am I gonna do on here I hear you ask?

That's totally up to you...Whatever you say, will never happen. If I don't like it, your forum will be totally trolled, ddos'd and pretty much every other thing you will never want to happen on your forum....

Keep me happy and you'll be happy. Don't...well there won't be any forum left Smile
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